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27 kwietnia 2005 r.


Era TAK TAK prepaid recharges - www.doł

Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa GSM operator in cooperation with Blue Media has launched a new service of refilling Era TAK TAK prepaid mobile accounts through the Operator’s web site

Recharging your Era Tak Tak prepaid mobile account is now available round the clock seven days a week using one of the three following payment methods:

•payments made directly from your bank account (mTransfer,
Płacęz Inteligo).
•debit card payments
•payments made through bank money transfers.

This solution’s key advantage is the possibility of selecting any recharging amount you want varying from 10 to 500 PLN. Extension
of your prepaid account’s validity depends on the recharging amount you select. If you refill your prepaid account with an amount of more than 99 PLN, you will get an additional bonus of up to 460 free SMS messages or 115 free minutes to use.

After selecting the recharging amount and the payment method
you will be linked to a bank’s or an authorization centre’s website, where the whole transaction will be proceeded. After the payment transaction is completed, your Era TAK TAK prepaid account will be automatically refilled, and you will get an SMS notification confirming that your Era TAK TAK account has been reloaded. A similar confirmation will be sent to an email address you key in during
the refilling process.

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